Old Mule
Contact: Steve Modlin
Address: PO BOX 425 Columbus, NC, 28722
Phone: 828-625-0305
About Us
We are a small family business specializing in our unique BBQ-Marinade-Dipping Sauce. We cook Old Mule BBQ Sauce on our family farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. Old Mule is versatile! Many people dip chips or french fries in it. And Old Mule’s unique blend of spices and flavors makes this an ideal gift for anyone. Old Mule will put a “kick” in your favorite family recipes and party platters. Our Old Mule Sauce is not just for grilling and barbecuing. It is excellent with seafood, chili, baked beans, venison, tortilla chips, salads, as a sandwich spread and much more!