Annie's Bakery
Contact: Joe & Annie
Address: 128 Bingham Rd Suite 300 Asheville, NC, 28806
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Phone: 828-505-8350
About Us
Joe and Annie met when he started delivering bread to her natural food restaurant in Greenville. Annie’s respect for slow food began as a child when she would watch the love that her mother put into cooking and serving wonderful meals for her family. When she opened her restaurant she knew that she wanted to show the same love to her customers by serving delicious and wholesome fare.

With Joe’s experience as a fourth generation baker of European-style breads and Annie’s commitment to using wholesome and all natural ingredients, Annie’s Bakery was born. For three years they baked out of their garage in western North Carolina until their business had grown so much that an expansion was necessary.

In spring of 2010, they expanded their bakery to a 21,000 square foot space in Asheville, NC. They believe that Annie’s breads are a perfect fit with the Carolinas' growing reputation as a mecca of local food, from micro brewed beers, fresh produce, and home-grown meats to cheese and Annie's artisan breads.

We have been supplying local groceries, restaurants, retail shops and catering companies since being in Asheville and continue to grow and expand to have a more regional/national presence.